Since 1979, the America's Finest City Dixieland Jazz Society (AFCDJS), a non-profit 501 (c) 3 organization, has been dedicated to the preservation and perpetuation of traditional jazz music.  Composed of some 900 members and a board of directors, the  AFCDJS the traditional jazz community throughout the San Diego area by way of:

  • Monthly Concerts showcasing local bands that play traditional jazz, ragtime and swing music.
  • Education Programs for young audiences and musicians about the heritage of jazz and how to play it.
  • Monthly traditional jazz Workshops at the San Diego Musicians' Union Hall.
  • Publication of The Jazz Rambler, a nationally-acclaimed quarterly newsletter which  includes news on local and national jazz events, historical articles and reviews.
  • The Adult Traditional Jazz Camp. Since 1996, students have received instruction in concepts and techniques of traditional jazz, taught by veteran full-time traditional jazz musicians.
  • An Archive of Small Band Music arrangements made available to school, youth groups and other community, church or professional music organizations.

At the heart of our organization is the exciting annual Jazz Festival held Thanksgiving weekend. For over 40 years, visitors from around the world have visited San Diego to experience Traditional Jazz at the Town & Country Resort Hotel. Join us for 5 days of entertainment and fun with incredible musicians!

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