Since 1979, the America's Finest City Dixieland Jazz Society (AFCDJS), a non-profit 501 (c) 3 organization, has been dedicated to the preservation and perpetuation of traditional jazz music.  Composed of some 900 members and a board of directors, the  AFCDJS the traditional jazz community throughout the San Diego area by way of:

  • Monthly Concerts showcasing local bands that play traditional jazz, ragtime and swing music.
  • Education Programs for young audiences and musicians about the heritage of jazz and how to play it.
  • Monthly traditional jazz Workshops at the San Diego Musicians' Union Hall.
  • Publication of The Jazz Rambler, a nationally-acclaimed quarterly newsletter which  includes news on local and national jazz events, historical articles and reviews.
  • The Adult Traditional Jazz Camp. Since 1996, students have received instruction in concepts and techniques of traditional jazz, taught by veteran full-time traditional jazz musicians.
  • An Archive of Small Band Music arrangements made available to school, youth groups and other community, church or professional music organizations.

At the heart of our organization is the exciting annual 5-day Jazz Festival held Thanksgiving weekend. For over 40 years, visitors from around the world have visited San Diego to experience Traditional Jazz at the Town & Country Resort Hotel. Join us for 5 days of entertainment and fun with incredible musicians!




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